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Being an Electrical contractor with over 14 years of field experience, I offered solar to just my customers at a fraction of the cost they were seeing with some solar outfits. But am happy to say we offer to everyone. I have always been out looking for ways to leave a smaller carbon foot print from the first LED lamps, Electric cars to Solar. I was taught at a young age to "leave things better than I found it". So with as much renewable energy as we can use combined with an Internal audit of your power system we are confident we will do the best job at making you a greener more efficient you.


Something that sets us apart from all the rest is that here we love what we do and are passionate about our work. It is not just a job its a career and an adventure. With 98% of our customers returning to get help with anything electrical and SOLAR. We are offering more services then just putting solar panels on your roof. Looking at the big picture, we are not out to take your money.  Let's save you money and make the planet an easier and better place to breathe for us and our children.

We had a customer come to us with their eye set on Solar and informed us that they had received bids from other contractors but wanted to get ours after looking at their own power bill. I saw a problem right away, their power bill had went up by 65% 18 months prior to getting ahold of us. We found the solution in only a few days by being able to size the system with the right information, saved them 10's of thousands in solar costs. A very costly repair bill. With even less then what they had been planned on spending, we installed the system. We are happy to say they made the THE FIRST STEP. We want our customers to have the best experience possible. So TAKE THE FIRST STEP with GREEN FOOT SOLAR

Our Services


We do all our own in house sales, cutting out the middle man and passing the savings to our customers


With our audit we will go over your home or business power consumption.  Making sure you're not paying for unnecessary charges we will go through all your electrical components to insure they are functioning efficiently. This way we are not over sizing your Solar system. 


We will design the best production system for your needs and the best aesthetically pleasing  
We are educated on each city's permitting requirements and will save you time getting your permitting done.


Our Solar team take pride in their install.  Efficient and detail in what they do We know you will love your system when they are finished.

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